I felt like I met new members of my tribe at the Circle Practicum - folks who, like me, want to make a difference in the world in each of our own ways, both big and small! We learned a process that is infinitely transferable to difference situations and groups and we learned it in a way that grew me from the inside!  I feel more confident now to host a circle, to use the tools and principles, to take up my space and share my stories and to pause, both to hold space and to celebrate! The location was beautiful and contributed to our reflective learning in a major way. The instructors were amazing, sharing their human-ness in ways that enabled us to learn simply by being in their presence. I'd do it all over again tomorrow!

Joie Quarton
Conflict Management Practitioner for the Yukon Government, Canada

Tenneson and Amanda collaborate in an almost seamless fashion to provide participants with an introduction to the Circle Way process. They challenge each individual to reach deep and discover what they have to offer. While lesson plans were detailed and well organized, Tenneson and Amanda, were willing to use the dynamics of the group when a different learning experience presented itself. Their open minds and hearts allowed each individual to share their voice.

Cheryl A Principi
Practicum Participant

Participating in and being deeply immersed body, mind, and spirit with the Circle Way Practicum was and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Hosts extraordinaire Tenneson Woolf and Amanda Fenton seamlessly interweave the Circle Way processes with precision, expertise, and the greatest of compassion.

Esther Mullen
Retired Educator & Educational Consultant

I left the Practicum with the experience of discovering what is underneath the decisions to be made in myself and others, that every communication is practicing the new culture we want to see in our teams.

Jonas David Hunter
Organizational Development

The Circle Way Practicum on Whidbey is a 20 year tradition. This summer, that tradition continues with a dream team: Amanda Fenton and Tenneson Woolf are two wise, witty, creative and skilled circle hosts and facilitators. We learn from them all the time, we know you will too. We are delighted to support them in carrying on this training. Don't miss this opportunity!

Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea
Founders of PeerSpirit Inc. and The Circle Way

There are a mere handful of people in the world with whom I would ever host a circle that demanded deep presence, humour, attention to beauty and a fierce holding of the container. Tenneson is one of these few whose gentle and inviting demeanour belies a strong commitment to human beings working together past fear, ego and division. Being hosted by Tenneson makes me grateful to be in this field, as a host, as a colleague, and as a friend.

Chris Corrigan
Global Art of Hosting Steward
Principal, Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd.
Contributing author to Dialogic Organizational Development

Amanda epitomizes hospitality, generosity and creativity at every stage of the circle process from process planning through to closure. She brings magic and a very special warmth to her roles as facilitator, teacher and co-learner. I love learning with Amanda...I feel honoured, supported and expanded.

Dr. Kathy Coyne
Faculty, Community Leadership and Social Change Program at Capilano University

Tenneson is an exceptionally skilled teacher and facilitator of conversational leadership. Not only does he get the specific skills and practices needed, he’s able to do that within a shifting paradigm from control to collaboration. If you want to discover new ways of working with others to create sustainable solutions, Tenneson is your person. His creative and welcoming style transforms complex challenges into intentionally simple constructs that invite sustainable change.

Carla Kelley
Executive Director
The Human Rights Education Center of Utah

Tenneson and Amanda did a fantastic job leading us through the practicum. Kind, patient, wise and vulnerable, they taught and guided us in a real human way. 

Yoko Ikeda
One Circle, LLC

The Circle Way practicum was a special experience for me on many fronts. It had a timelessness about it that allowed me the space for deep reflection. The power of the Circle was demonstrated again and again. Watching Amanda and Tenneson host the Circles was an enormous learning experience - they are Masters!

Jane Morley
QC, Principal, Restorative Solutions BC

Tenneson and Amanda are compassionate teachers and highly skilled at “holding space”.  They provide an open and rich “container” for learning.  The Circle Way Practicum was one of the very best personal and professional development opportunities I have had.

Colleen Lemire
Instructor, facilitator, mediator

More than anything, The Circle Way affirmed I am relevant when I speak my truth and share my vulnerabilities in a setting where trust is established and protected. What a lovely thought to end a day, a year, even a life.  

Cassandra Carothers
Elder, Participant

From the warm welcome and pickup at the ferry terminal to the closing on the last day, the Practicum was a masterfully designed and artfully facilitated learning experience. The attention to every detail, the responsive and supportive learning facilitation and the creation of a safe, caring and sacred space for learning and discovery far exceeded my expectations. I departed Whidbey Island with enhanced skills and confidence in calling circle and with a greater appreciation for the "magic" and power of The Circle Way. Thanks Amanda and Tenneson. 

Marlin Murdock

I found the course inspirational and practical. I highly recommend Tenneson Woolf and Amanda Fenton as instructors and The Circle Way as a path to meaningful conversations and participatory leadership.

Waldy Derksen
Derksen Law

We worked with Amanda at Collingwood Neighbourhood House for a Circle Way workshop as part of our strategic planning process. I so appreciate the Circle Practice workshop, and have been so interested to hear how people are incorporating it into their work. The idea of inserting a pause, as necessary, (and in many different ways, be it in a conversation, a work-day, a meeting etc) in particular resonated for me and for a few others. After the all-staff session using a circle approach to gather staff input into the strategic planning process, one of our staff approached me with tears in his eyes and said it was the most meaningful activity he'd ever experienced at the Neighbourhood House.  Thanks for bringing it to us and thanks for providing such wonderful training – such a wonderful experience.

Jennifer Gray-Grant
Executive Director, 
Collingwood Neighbourhood House

I have been deeply privileged to know Tenneson for a number of years and to more recently to work with him in his world of mastery — bringing forward the wisdom of the group. His magic is so subtle that it’s hard to name. He is at once deeply and lovingly present, authentic and humble, completely trusting of what unfolds in the moment, with an uncanny capacity to see, weave and illuminate unseen patterns of authentic truth from whatever emerges. 

Kinde Nebeker
Principal, New Moon Rites of Passage

The world has never needed circle process more than today. Circle is so much more than sitting in the round and passing a talking piece. When guided by a deft facilitator, this ancient and powerful form of conversation brings out our best selves, stimulates respect and collaboration, and results in better decisions. I’ve seen circle applied in a variety of situations and cultures, from friendly discussions to heated conflict, but to lead this process effectively requires training from a practiced expert such as Amanda Fenton. I’ve always enjoyed sitting in circle with Amanda and have learned so much from her about how to help bring people together, help them listen and and learn from each other, and make the world a better place as a community.

Mark Busse
Director of Creativity & Engagement
HCMA Architecture + Design