When: August 15 - 20, 2018

Our learning experience begins Wednesday with supper and a brief opening circle after dinner.

From Thursday to Sunday our program runs the full day as well as some of the evenings. On Monday we will end shortly before noon (1/2 day session).

The number of days, five spread over six, is deliberately chosen to encourage retreat, deep learning, and a lasting  integration of circle applied to your respective work.

There is spacious time for rest, reflection, hikes, walks, going to the beach, visiting the town of Langley, and body work (cost for body work is extra).

Julie Gersten, a wonderfully skilled massage therapist, will be available for massage in the free time during the workshop. Sessions are self-pay. You’ll get a chance to meet her early in the week, and there will be a signup sheet for massage sessions.


During our time together we will live and work in circle to learn circle.

We teach circle by talking about it, demonstrating it along with other circle-based dialogue methods, and inviting people to take leadership during the practicum. This creates an intensive, experiential learning experience that leads to significant skill development. Participants leave primed to practice and apply circle in their own work, life and community.


We will explore: 

  • The different components of circle practice that help create a strong container for our stories and important conversations.

  • How circle works – the principles, practices and agreements.

  • How to create conditions for better listening and intentional speaking.

  • How to apply various aspects of circle process to enhance our conversations and meetings.

  • Our own hosting in small circles with real questions and issues.

  • Working with energetics, shadow, conflict and sustaining healthy circles.

  • The special contributions of story and appreciation in circle.

  • The capacity of circle that allows collective intelligence to emerge, and how the “leader in every chair” approach can achieve more commitment, ownership, joy and sustainable solutions and decisions. 

I am completely enamored with The Circle Way. This methodology brings to groups what coaching does for my clients in the co-creative healing. Many thanks to Tenneson and Amanda for their powerful teaching. This was one of the strongest connections with a group during, and apparently after, I have attended. This is a game changer for me. I have already had several opportunities open to me and I am accepting!
— Joan Hitchens, practicum participant