by Tenneson Woolf

In short, I felt it a privilege to cohost The Circle Way Practicum, August 17-22, 2016 at Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island, Washington. I felt honored to pick up some of the tradition that has been carried by Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin over the last twenty years. I felt a welcoming exploration and clarity with co-host, Amanda Fenton. I loved the group. The connections. The maturity. The kindness. The sincere desire to learn together. This post is more about pictures than words. To help participants from August remember (a full set of photos is here). To encourage future participants to come in 2017. 

The grounds are beautiful. And really interesting. Like this low-laying morning watershed fog on a summer day. 

The primary meeting space is The Marsh House. Room for 22. It’s an octagonal building in a meadow. Deliciously spacious. And comfortable, whether on the floor or choosing a chair. 

The stewards at Aldermarsh are committed to beauty. This bowl was a last minute touch offered by Lynne, one who helped get the space ready for our group.

It looks like deep listening and being listened to. Sometimes knee to knee. Sometimes at tables. Sometimes in full circle. 

It looks like burning questions, created by participants, at the center of what we learn together. Making the questions visible helps us keep it real.

It looks like practicality. There deliberateness to support people learning and practicing The Circle Way in the communities and organizations from which they come.

The shade on a summer afternoon — pretty awesome location, right. This one is for a World Cafe exploring “shadow”in groups. 

It looks like working and exploration groups using Open Space Technology. Another participative, self-organizing format that is enhanced by Circle skills. This is the agenda, created by participants, that shaped an afternoon. 

There is lots of turning to one another. Learning The Circle Way together. Planning to take it home. 

I love this picture. It’s what playful looks like. It’s what spacious looks like. It’s what delighted learning looks like, in the home that is The Circle Way.